New centre coordinator at HydroCen

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Anette Havmo(right) takes over the position as centre coordinator at HydroCen after Kari Haugan.

Havmo will work in the HydroCen-office at the Waterpower laboratory at NTNU in Trondheim, and will continue the key role Haugan has had as a coordinator in all parts of the daily running and administration of HydroCen.

Contact details:
Phone: 984 22 548

A great thanks to Kari Haugan’ s contribution at the Norwegian Centre for Hydropower and the establishment of HydroCen. She will be returning to the field of full time engineering at Dynavec, and will also have a part time commitment in the Hi-Francis project at NTNU, so it will be possible to see her at the Waterpower laboratory from time to time!



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