New generation experience hydropower plants

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A group of 31 students with civil, electrical and mechanical engineering background hit the bus to visit four different Hydropower plants and one main office of TrønderEnergi.

Text and photos: Wolf Ludwig Kuhn

This year’s excursion for 5th year students working on projects in cooperation with the Norsk Vannkraftsenter (NVKS) and HydroCen took place from Monday, September 16th to Wednesday, September 18th.

Saw new and old power plants

Two of the Hydropower plants were under construction. While finishing the drilling activities was the main focus at Jølstra power station, Nedre Otta was closer to be finished, with nearly all the major parts being installed.

The other two Hydropower plants were in operation since a long time, but both Øyberget and Brattset power plants still had interesting differences to show the students. 

All in all, seeing different stages of the construction of Hydropower plants was enjoyed by the students, who were curious about the many different aspects of hydropower.

The students visited two power plants under construction and two older power plants.

Important networking for the students

Besides visiting the different stations, driving on a bus for a long time and sharing rooms during the night increased the bonding between the students from the different subjects.

The trip was very much enjoyed and regarded with a lot of positive feedback. Many thanks go to NVKS for funding the trip

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