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Researchers and decision-makers from USA, Norway and EU meet in Trondheim February 4th for a high-level meeting and consecutive workshops to position, promote and facilitate hydropower research, development and innovation for the future. 

As an expression and statement for this joint, high-level collaboration, the U.S. Department of Energy and the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy have agreed to formalize and strengthen the research collaboration on hydropower.

During the Hydropower Summit a Joint Annex on Hydropower under the U.S. and Norway Memorandum of Understanding will be signed. The summit is facilitated by FME HydroCen, Norwegian Research Centre for Hydropower Technology, and the workshops and breakout sessions are lead by researchers from NTNU, SINTEF and Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, NINA.

Hydropower High Level Meeting Agenda:

Tuesday February 4th 2020, Hotel Britannia, Trondheim, Norway

12:00 Arrival and registration
14:00 Welcome and introduction
Bjarne Foss, Pro-Rector NTNU, Norway
Ivar Arne Børset, HydroCen
    14:2015:40 Hydropower as a renewable system (Chaired by Johan Hustad)
Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen, State Secretary of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Norway 
Conner Prochaska, Chief Commercialization Officer, and Director of the Office of Technology Transitions, U.S. Department of Energy, USA 
Paolo Frankl, Head of Renewable Energy Division, IEA
Roland Roesch, Deputy Director, Innovation and Technology Centre, IRENA
Rune Volla, Director, The Research Council of Norway
15:50  16:45 François Avellan, EPFL – XFlex-project and Hydropower Europe
Anne Vera Skrivarhaug, Director, NVE, Norway
Knut Kroepelien, Director, Energy Norway – Hydropower in a fully electrified society – barriers and opportunities
Hilde Bakken, Executive Vice President, Statkraft –Statkraft’s motivation for R&D within hydropower
Petter Støa, SINTEF – EERA – European Energy Research Alliance
16:50 Ceremony for the signing of the Joint Annex on Hydropower under the US-Norway Memorandum of Understanding  
17:00 Session closing

Workshops and breakout sessions

Wednesday February 5th 2020, NTNU Trondheim

09:00  Plenary Session with Key note speakers
US Hydropower program HydroWires, USA – Samuel Bockenhauer
AlternaFuture – Smarter operation and upgrades, HydroCen, Norway  – Kaspar Vereide
FitHydro – Fishfriendly Innovative Technologies For Hydropower Peter Rutschmann
10:15  Break 
10:30  Battery of the Nation, Hydro Tasmania, Australia – Alex Beckitt
IEA Hydropower Report: Annex IX – Valuing hydropower services  
The Nordic perspective  – Vattenfall, Sweden, Mats Bilstein,
11:30  Lunch at Kjelhuset, Gløshaugen 
12:30  Breakout Sessions 
Session 1  Session 2  Session 3 
Hydropower Optimization  Responsible: Birger Mo and Linn Emelie Schaffer   Technological Challenges  Responsible: Ole Gunnar Dahlhaug  Environmental Conditions  Responsible: Atle Harby and Line Sundt-Hansen 

Thursday February 6th 2020, NTNU Trondheim

  08:30  Breakout Sessions
Session 1  Session 2  Session 3 
Hydropower Optimization  Responsible: Birger Mo and Linn Emelie Schaffer  Technological Challenges  Responsible:  Ole Gunnar Dahlhaug  Environmental Conditions  Responsible: Atle Harby 


Professor Ole Gunnar Dahlhaug, HydroCen/NTNU

Ida Antonsen, coordinator

Juliet Landrø, communication/media

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