New HydroCen director

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Liv Randi Hultgreen is the new director of the Norwegian Research Centre for Hydropower Technology

– I am very much looking forward to this opportunity to work in the energy sector with a renewable perspective, I have a strong desire to contribute to research on hydropower both nationally and globally, says Hultgreen.

She has substantial leadership experience from several technology projects. She comes to HydroCen from the position as Site manager at Baker Hughes (formerly GE Oil & Gas) where she has also worked as global Engineering Leader for Subsea Manifold and Distribution Systems and Engineering Manager.

Hultgreen begins in May, working part time, and takes on the full position from June 1st. She will then lead the HydroCen research center, where NTNU, SINTEF and the Norwegian Institute of Nature Research are major partners.

Will focus on cross disciplinary cooperation

Hultgreen also has 9 years of experience from NTNU with project management, industrial cooperation and teaching. As the head of HydroCen she wishes make research more visible and  encourage experts and researchers to work together towards common goals.

– Liv Randi has a clear leadership philosophy, focus on interdisciplinary collaboration, strategic thinking and the ability to get things done, says Head of Department Terese Løvås at the Department of Energy and Process Engineering, NTNU.

Will see a lot of results

HydroCen is halfway through the center’s research period, and can already present work on hydropower value modelling, unique tunnel durability measurements, “the holy grail of fish migration” and several international agreements on research cooperation.

–We are very much looking forward to getting Liv Randi as our new center director, says Professor Ole Gunnar Dahlhaug who has been interim leader since Hege Brende left HydroCen at the end of 2019.

– A lot of the research and field work is now well under way, and results will really begin to materialize in many of the projects now, he says.

More sustainability and research cooperation

At this time it is also important to look even further into the future, and utilize the collaboration that HydroCen has created between different research environments.

– HydroCen has already managed to remove barriers between different fields of research, but in the future it will be even more important to see the entire energy system as a whole and respond to the need for sustainable and renewable energy, says Dahlhaug.

Despite the fact that most working hours are done at the home these days, Hultgreen was at the office in the Waterpower Laboratory at Gløshaugen on her first official working day in HydroCen May 4th , and was very happy to get started.

– I’m really looking forward to embark on this job and to contribute to develop hydropower research in a global perspective together with the fantastic scientific team in HydroCen, she says.

Read more: In the newly published Annual Report for 2019 HydroCen presents research, fieldwork and projects from 2019. Learn about valuing hydropower, dam safety and extreme upgrading of existing hydropower and much more!

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