Flood dampening of hydropower reservoirs is important for flood protection

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Hydropower production and operation not only supplies Norway with green electricity, it also plays a crucial role during flood events.

In HydroCen researchers are using the hydrological model HYPE to predict waterflow in all Norwegian rivers and large reservoirs.

Lennart Schönfelder. Photo: Sintef Energy Research

In the model, we divide the Norwegian mainland into hydrological units and calculate river flow. This model can calculate the water-balance of almost 400 lakes and reservoirs in Norway.

– Using different scenarios, we can simulate and assess how the operation of hydropower has had a positive impact on flood dampening in the past and for future climate scenarios, says project leader Lennart Schönfelder.

In HydroCens annual report for 2019 you can read more short descriptions of our projects!

Read more about the Water resources assessment tool on hydrocen.no

Contact: Lennart Schönfelder

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